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A Lifetime in Longhaul
Anyone who has had the thrill of flying an aircraft will have adventures to remember and tales to recount. All exciting and none without misadventure and the unexpected. Bill Anderson discussing his new book A Lifetime in Longhaul - the Bigger Picture

In the mid 1960's Qantas was training
young men to become the pilots and the
future Captains of the airline. In the same building were the young apprentice engineers who would go on to be the strength of the airline’s maintenance division.

Would you like to join these pilots and engineers in their workplaces, on the flight decks and the maintenance centres around the world?

These two books - 'A Lifetime in Longhaul' and 'A Lifetime in Longhaul - the Bigger Picture' will take you there.

Reader's comments about the books

"They were, and still are, the elite. The best of the best and they all had the right stuff. These are their fascinating stories of passion and commitment. Essential reading for anyone in love with flying."
 Geoffrey Thomas, Editor/Publisher,

"An inspiring read for anyone who loves flying or who has ever wondered what the crew experience."
 Captain Wayne Kearns, Sydney.

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